The Town Hall, King Edward Pl, Burton-on-Trent, DE14 2EB

24th and 25th February 2024

You are invited to come and join in our 28th annual competition weekend and play one of the following

DBMM Doubles

500 points. 1071—1525AD.

Any army legal during these dates may be chosen.

All armies must have 4 commands. 1 Ally General can be nominated in the submitted list as auto-reliable. He (and his command) is treated in all ways as an Ally General (including AP) but is reliable from the outset of the game. Also if flank marching or a delayed arrival his command will not count as lost and will continue to dice for arrival even from the 8th bound.

FOG Renaissance Doubles

900 points. Any army 1618—1660AD.

Any army legal during these dates may be chosen.

Amended rules and points as per the Slitherine forum.

Army lists may exceed 900 points by the cost of the cheapest base used.

Any heavy artillery used must be the first battlegroup(s) deployed, followed immediately by any medium artillery used.

Dragoons making any move including an evade starting or ending within 6MU of the enemy, may make a full dragoon mounted move if they pass a CMT.

If they make a move which would be longer than that allowed to dragoons on foot they may shoot but as Carbines (range and effect) not Muskets as they are shooting from horseback, or have dismounted so quickly that they cannot shoot properly as a unit.

Cavalry that pass a CMT can either, move 2MU and turn 180, or turn 180 and move 2MU, or turn 180 move 2MU and turnback 180.

Art De La Guerre Doubles

300 points. Any army 1251—1500AD.

Renatio et Gloriam Singles

10,000 pts. Any army from Europe’s Ruin.

No Reduced scale army lists allowed

Mortem et Gloriam Singles

10,000 pts. Armies & Enemies of Rome 275BC—476AD

FOG AM Singles

900 pts. Armies up to and including 551BC from this list;

  • Early Highland Raiders
  • Early Libyan
  • Later Sumerian or Akkadian
  • Old or Middle Kingdom Egyptian
  • Hyksos
  • Mitanni
  • Syro-Canaanite
  • New Kingdom Egyptian
  • Later Minoan or Early Mycenaean
  • Middle or Early Neo-Assyrian
  • Sea Peoples
  • Philistine
  • Neo-Hittite and Aramean
  • Later Hebrew
  • Libyan Egyptian
  • Urartian
  • Lydian or Lycian
  • Kimmerian or Scythian or Saka
  • Neo-Assyrian Empire
  • Kushite Egyptian
  • Late Dynastic Egyptian
  • Neo-Babylonian Empire

Lists for all competitions to

Submitted 2 weeks before the event Sun 10th Feb 2024

Online tickets available here – BADcon tickets

Online entry has a surcharge that will be added at the point of sale

Registration on Saturday from 8.30am.

Games start at 9.30am on Saturday and 9.00am on Sunday

Merch for the event is now also available


The next big ReG event we have is SkullRollers at Battlefield Hobbies in Daventry. Sponsored by Helion and Simon Hall it promises a rich abundance of prizes!

The theme is a classic – War of Three Kingdoms. 9000pt 15mm armies

Battlefield Hobbies is a central location so is in easy travelling distance from most of the UK.
While it is called a competition, we’re trying to engender a gentlemanly play style, and beginners are most welcome.

Sponsored by our friends at Helion we have great prize support !

Its time to strike for King or Parliament!

So, if you fancy a game you can get your ticket here

BADCON Runners and Riders


Andrew Ellis & Kevin Ellis                   Feudal Spanish, Aragon 1150AD

Andrew Gilbert & Pete Sanger               Irish 1070AD

Paul Dawson & Marco Baroni               Konstantinian Byzantine 1070AD

Andy Finkel & Paul Frith                       Feudal English 1190AD

Simon LeRay Meyer & Dave Hutchby  Konstantinian Byzantine 1071AD

David Allen & Gordon Jamieson           Feudal English 1245AD

Richard Young & Charles Masefield     Konstantinian Byzantine 1060AD

Harrison Pearce & Darrell Pearce          Konstantinian Byzantine 1060AD

Mick Hood & Paul Carter                      Communial Italian 1201AD

Andy Wallace & Martin Routh              Konstantinian Byzantine 1051AD

Tony Parkin                                            Komenan Byzantine 1204AD

Nik Sharp & Dave Handley                   Feudal Spanish, Aragon 1151AD

Stephen Nice & Jesse Schoor                Ghaznavid 997AD

Richard Case & Dave Saunders             Feudal Scandinavian, Denmark 1229AD

Andrew Martin & Matthew Martin       Feudal German 1242AD

Chris Tofalos & Justin Taylor                Norman 1065AD

Graeme Carroll & Bob Middlemist       Feudal Spanish, Aragon 1151AD

Jason Scott & ???????                            Feudal English

Kevin Johnson & Steve Royle               Samurai 1180AD

Bob Amey & Peter Butler                      Taifa Kingdoms 1095AD

Simon Finney & Howards Grey             Feudal English 1190AD


Gordon Harrow & Peter Kershaw                   Rus 965AD

David Giles & Mike Bowles                           Central Asian Turkish 1000AD

Roger Greenwood & Alastair Moore              Thematic Byzantine 504AD

Steve Mills & John Fletcher                            Northern Dynasties Chinese 552AD

David Mather & Mike Pickering                    Sung Chinese 965AD

Jurgen Bohn & Greg Mann                             Sui Chinese 600AD

Sagar Kumaraswamy & Lawrence Greaves    Khazar 880AD

Andrew Parkin & Tim Kohler                         Early Tang Chinese 700AD

Tim Child & John Hickman                            Sub Roman British 555AD

Ray Briggs & Bob Kendall                             Middle Frankish 570AD


Steve Murton              Later Plantagent English, Continental 1340AD

Graham Briggs           Champa 1320AD

Terry Shaw                 Later Plantagent English, Britain 1340AD

Ali Shaw                     Komnenan Byzantine 1160AD

David Fairhurst          Pagan Burmese 1174AD

Lynda Fairhurst          Medieval Malay 1436AD

David Morrison          Later Plantagenet English, Britain-Lancastrian 1349AD

John Patrick                Medieval Scottish in France 1418AD

Dave Ruddock            Later Serbian 1381AD

Graham Roberts         Champa 1150AD


David Burrows & Chris Beesley         Huguenot 1601AD

Nigel Phillips & Neil Siddon-Smith    Polish Lithuanian 1625AD

David Elks & Clive Holland                Polish Lithuanian 1628AD

Paddy Bray & Simon Green                Early Gustavan Swedish 1629AD

Bob Medcraft & Peter Card                 Early Gustavan Swedish 1628AD

Steve Holt & Chris Talbot                    Later Ottoman Turkish 1619AD

Ray Boyles & Keith Spedding             Huguenot 1590AD

Dene Green & Ian Wilson                    French Catholic 1590AD


Robin Spence                                       Early Scythian 680BC

Laurence Donohue                               Classical Indian 358BC

David Gollop                                        Classical Indian 320BC

Jamie Mayers                                        Spartan 492BC

Kevin Brewin                                        Spartan 478BC

Peter Bettany                                         Later Sargonid 650BC

Peter Sharp                                            Thessalian 650BC

Nik Gaukroger                                       Early Carthaginian 406BC

Peter Entwistle                                       Athenian 323BC

Philip Powell                                         Achaemenid Persian Royal Army 530BC

Jeremy Howison-Haworth                    Achaemenid Persian Satrapal Army 479BC

Roger Whittam                                      Early Iranian 550BC

Paul Cummins                                       Achaemenid Persian Royal Army 546BC

Simon Clarke                                         Camillian Roman 400BC


John Munro                                            Sultanate of Gujarat 1511AD

Alasdair Harley                                      Sohei Monks and Ikko Ikki 1555AD

Hunter Hope                                           Mughal Empire Gurkani 1530AD

Stephen Stead                                         Uesugi Kenshin 1565AD

Andrew Claxton                                     Oda Nobunaga 1560AD

Matthew Poole                                       Johor Sultanate 1530AD

Will Denham                                          Uesugi Kenshin 1550AD

Martin Hair                                             Venetian 1529AD

Nick Overland                                         Early 16th Cen. Ottoman Sultan’s Army 1526AD

Jim Copeland                                          Uesugi Kenshin 1570AD

Tony Hellard                                           Vasa Swedish Erik XIV 1555AD

Pete Gregory                                          Early 16th Cen. Ottoman Western Provincial 1520AD