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  1. Hi, I’ve just come across this group from the Spirit Games website and wondered if I could get some more info.
    On the assumption that you are open to new folk, could you tell me if there is much played outside of historical games and if so what is played.
    I noticed a couple of blog posts on Warmachine and GW but mostly seems dominated by historical games.
    Thanks, James.

    1. Hi James,
      it is primarily historical, but there is a fair bit of Warmachine with a sprinkling of 40K, and some other niche games. We generally play most games…

      You are most welcome to come down any time a take a look. What do you like to play?


      1. Hi Simon, thanks for the info.
        I’ve been out of gaming completely for a while so haven’t got much at all.
        I have some Malifaux so that’s one I’d like to play, also have some X-Wing.
        I’ve got the rules for Chain of Command which is the only really historical game I’ve looked at.
        Outside of that I’ve been having a look at a couple of Sci Fi games (Dropzone Commander & Planetfall)
        Sounds like I may not be a great fit, but I may come down one evening anyway, since I live in Stretton it’s not going to be much of time investment to pop by.
        Cheers, James

        1. you are most welcome to swing by for a look. They have a Malifaux night at Spirit Games on a Tuesday and they play it at Portal Wargaming in Burton too. We’ve played Chain of command and I’ve got some Dropzone and X wing, so we have most bases covered

          1. Sounds like it would be worth a look then.

            I gather from Phil that the Malifaux night has suffered a loss of interest, and Portal seems to be in limbo at the minute with the wait for a new location but thanks for the suggestion.

            Is it okay to turn up empty handed for a look around and whatnot? If so I’ll come along next week.

            Cheers, James.

          2. Empty handed is fine ! 🙂 I’m on holiday next week, but I’m sure they will take care of you

      2. Hi Simon, in the next few weeks we are moving to Burton from Solihull. I Have been a war gamer for 50 years could me and my son who is 33 could we come to one of your meetings . I am using my wife e-mail address till we move .
        Alan Millington

        1. Hi Alan, you will be most welcome. We meet every Tuesday and Thursday. What sort of games do you play so I see if we can accomodate you on your visit? thanks Simon

        2. Hi Simon thanks for the quick reply .I have been a wargamer for 50 years my passion is 10mm and i have large armies in Napoleonics ,S Y W,A C W,Ancients(late Romans) and WW2.But i will play anything!At the moment we are not sure of our moving date .I will let you know as soon as i know.

  2. Hi, Simon.

    After swearing off ancients – and most war gaming – I’m getting the itch again. Partly motivated by the threat of either using my armies or being forced to sell them, partly because I’m REALLY bored right now ( and might have to do a bit more painting), and mostly because I like little model soldiers!

    I’m hoping to get up to BAD at some point (I’m a Wednesday night regular at Spirit games), but I can’t drive at the moment. Hoping that my current “ban” is lifted in about 8 weeks time, though. IIRC, the venue is upstairs. No lift, right? That might add to the Challenge of getting there. Heck, I can’t get into my own games room at the moment, to inventory the figs I’ve got.

    What Ancients rules are used these days? I was always struggling with DBM, FOGs superficial attractions soon wore off, but I’m hearing good things about Arte De La Guerre – and my copy should arrive in a day or two.

    1. Hi Richard , there are no stairs so you are safe. We play FoG:am predominately , but are play testing Mortem et Gloria which is ok so far . LADG we tried – I even played a tournament – but it is a bit tedious . We play a lot of FoG:r if that helps .. As that is a great game . Thanks simon

  3. Hello again, I was going to pop down on Tuesday to see if I could arrange something for the future but I thought if may be worth asking on here instead to save floating around interrupting folks.
    Would anyone be able to give me a demo of a couple of games at any point over the next few weeks – having seen a couple that seem to played I wouldn’t mind picking one of the other to get into but have never played either.
    Looking at Warmachine/Hordes and Infinity.
    Thanks James.

        1. Hi Dave, I’ve posted on the forum with the requirements. If you can rally the support there is a possibility. Thanks Simon

  4. Hi, I had arranged to play a game this evening. Sadly life may get in the way. As such I may not make it. Sorry for short notice…. also think I should exchange numbers with some of you 🙂 if I am not there soon after seven then assume I cannot make it. Cheers.

  5. Hello,

    I am interested in attending the club, I was wondering if it was ok just to come along on a Tuesday or a Thursday? I am interested in playing World War 2 games, I have a few Flames of War books, do people play this game? Is there much appetite for World War 2 gaming general?

    1. Hi Simon, you are most welcome to attend. We used to play a lot of FOW a while ago, but seems to have fallen out of favour right now. But most folks will have some !

      1. Thanks for getting back to me, I will hopefully pop along on Thursday then.

        What sort of games are popular? Does a particular era/genre get played more?

        1. Hi, I’m sure everyone will make you welcome. It’s holiday season so the attendance might be light. We normally play historical & fantasy gaming. Current trends are renaissance , WW1, Wild West , warmachine … A varied church really.

  6. Hi all,

    Meant to call in to your club Tuesday evening just gone but couldn’t in the end.

    Was wondering if anyone wanted a game of Mortem et Gloriam on Tuesday 20th Sept? I’ve been playing MeG against Bob Amey during testing and beyond but could do with playing against other players.

    Don’t know who gets to see this post or if anyone could forward or circulate it to those who may be interested within the club?

    Many thanks

  7. Tuesday 20th? I’ll put it in my diary. I’ve played half a game of MeG today, and if I can get another game in over the next couple of weeks I might actually remember a code of the rules!

  8. Hi,

    I’ve been painting up a Napoleonic army with my son for playing Black Powder. Do you ever play this ? If I ( we ) wanted a game, whats the best way to organise it?

    1. Hi Steve, best way is to pop down on a Tuesday or Thursday. Tuesday is the busiest. There is a bit of BP being played. Thanks Simon.

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