World War One Naval

As part of the ongoing commemoration on the centenary of the First World War, over the next few weeks/months I’d like to put on a number of naval battles. These will basically be the pre-Jutland battles: the flight of the Goeben; the raid on Heligoland Bight; Coronel; the battle of the Falklands; and the battle of Dogger Bank.


I’m building up the collection of ships and developing rules of my own devising. I’d like to try out the first battle (probably Coronel) on the 13th August). All welcome to join in…please let me know if you’re interested.

BAD Archery

“Not I”, says Dene after scoring 180 to win the Archery tournament.


Jason organised a ‘have-a-go’ evening at the Burton Bridge Archery club.

burton bridge archers

The attending BAD members showed that England would indeed be safe should the French try to invade!


Despite being July it was a bit chilly.  But we should be thankful that we missed the torrential rain



Assemble brave Yeomen