Battle of Seneffe

The game began with the French vanguard assaulting the Allied rearguard around the town of Seneffe in an attempt to roll up their column. The Spanish infantry fought gallantly and held the town for over two hours for the loss of just a single dragoon unit. The Allied cavalry between Seneffe and the rear of the Allied column held off the initial French charge but eventually crumbled and ran, leaving the infantry in Seneffe to surrender with full honours after buying the Allies valuable time to set up a second line of defence.

Steve points out the exact spot at which the Allied cavalry will break in the next move

The French vanguard, having secured Seneffe, prepares for an assault on the Allies’ second line of defence as Pete looks on with his usual air of confidence (?)

The view from the Allies’ second line of defence. The French commanders on either side of Simon G look on scathingly with arms folded, not noticing him warming up the dice for his Spanish cavalry’s epic repulse of Luxembourg’s French cavalry in a few moves time.

The Allies baggage train has been moved off the main road to the relative safety behind the woods. The Allies’ second line of defence can be seen still largely holding, although the French did eventually break through around the castle. On the right, the Allies’ Spanish cavalry is hastily forming up to try and block the arrival of more French cavalry who seem to be heading for the Allies’ baggage and the rumoured 600,000 guilders it contains!

The Spanish cavalry under Simon G have formed a good defensive line but are outnumbered by the French cavalry under Luxembourg. Nigel and Pete ponder on what is to come, Pete again with that supreme air of confidence. Heroically they rout two French units and also manage to kill Luxembourg. However they lose one unit themselves, and the rest of the French cavalry seem unconcerned over the loss of their general (no doubt thinking they will have a greater share of the spoils with him out of the way).

Time was fast running out for the day’s play and we had barely reached the main Dutch defensive line around the monastery of St Nicholas and the town of Fayt. We had time for one assault by the main French infantry command that had finally arrived but this was easily beaten back by the Dutch infantry. The French cavalry had not made much more headway and were now faced with an organised baggage guard. And that’s where we ended it with the Allies more or less holding their lines and even managing to save their baggage train.

Hopefully, everyone involved had a good day gaming. Apologies to any hardened gamers of this period who may notice a few units posing as something they were not!

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