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MeG woes at Derby

The local lads fared badly in the MeG competition at Derby:

Derby 2017 Final Results

1st Lance Flint Southern Dynasties 60
2nd Alasdair Harley Aghlabids 49
3rd Simon Elliott Northern Tang 47
4th Jim Gibson Viking 47
5th John Munroe Later Hundred Years War English 46
Joint 6th Adrian Nash Norman 42
Joint 6th Nigel Emsen Early Arab Conquest 42
Joint 8th Richard Jeffrey Cook Later Hundred Years War English 40
Joint 8th Hunter Hope Gepid 40
Joint 8th Jason Broom Alexandrian Macedonian 40
11th Mark Spratt Early Mycenean 37
12th Paul Cummins Yuan Dynasty 33
Joint 13th Peter Cross Later Medieval Low Countries 31
Joint 13th Stuart Tonge Mongol Conquest 31
15th Simon Clarke New Kingdom Egyptian 29
16th Robert Amey Astur-Leonese 27
17th Peter Gregory 100 Years War French 25
18th Will Denham Western Imperial Roman 17