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Warmahordes League Season 1


Welcome the inaugural BAD Wargamers Warmahordes League.

The scenarios are using the steamroller 2014 pack, as below.

The Scoring is

  • 3 pts for win
  • 1 for draw
  • 0 for loss.
  • Bonus +1 for winning without a caster kill.

Game size from battle box up to 50pts by mutual agreement

I also suggest that to get new players interested new players will score double the points for the games they play! SO come on join the Warmahordes party


The competitors are –


There will be 7 rounds, and the first round draw is … drum roll please


So, can you please contact your opponent and play the game. Then let me know the result. I don’t really want to set a timeout for games to be played, but shall we say round round 1 to be complete by April 30th. If sooner I can publish results and the next round!