The Town Hall, King Edward Pl, Burton-on-Trent, DE14 2EB

25th and 26th February 2023

You are invited to come and join in our 27th annual competition weekend and play one of the following

DBMM Doubles

500 points 476—1071AD.

Any army legal during these dates may be chosen.

All armies must have 4 commands. 1 Ally General can be nominated in the submitted list as auto-reliable. He (and his command) is treated in all ways as an Ally General (including AP) but is reliable from the outset of the game. Also if flank marching or a delayed arrival his command will not count as lost and will continue to dice for arrival even from the 8th bound.

FOG Renaissance Doubles

900 points 1555—1629AD.

Any army legal during these dates may be chosen.

Amended rules and points as per the Slitherine forum.


Army lists may exceed 900 points by the cost of the cheapest base used.

Any heavy artillery used must be the first battlegroup(s) deployed, followed immediately by any medium artillery used.

Dragoons making any move including an evade starting or ending within 6MU of the enemy, may make a full dragoon mounted move if they pass a CMT.

If they make a move which would be longer than that allow to dragoons on foot they may shoot but as Carbines (range and effect) not Muskets as they are shooting from horseback, or have dismounted so quickly that they cannot shoot properly as a unit.

Cavalry that pass a CMT can either, move 2MU and turn 180, or turn 180 and move 2MU, or turn 180 move 2MU and turnback 180.

Art De La Guerre Doubles

300 points any army 1000-1250AD.

No Heavy Knights allowed.

Only the minimum number of Elephants in each list can be taken. Allies with compulsory Elephants can still be chosen.

Renatio et Gloriam Singles

The Age of Discovery and Eastern Empires

10,000 pt armies from 1494 to 1565 – The 25th Meridian eastwards

All Lists (within date) from –

2. Habsburg facing East10. Japan
11. China12. India
13. Central Asia17. South East Asia
20. The Ottomans24. East African Coastline

In addition,

22. The Holy League
Republic of Venice (Ottoman Wars) – Siege of Famagusta
Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of Saint John (Rhodes)
Barbary Corsairs
Papal States (Pius V) – War of Cyprus
23. Western Colonies
Kingdom of Portugal (Colonial Empire)
Kingdom of Portugal (Portuguese State of India)
Kingdom of Portugal (Portuguese Fort of Malacca)
Habsburg Spain (Spanish Philippines)
26. North Africa & Middle East
Sultanate of Oman
Yemen (Tahirid Dynasty)
Sharif of Mecca and Hejaz
Kingdom of Ormus
Jabrid dynasty (Al-Hasa, Qatif, and Bahrain)
Kingdom of Morocco (Sa’di Dynasty)
Kingdom of Portugal (Persian Gulf)
Kingdom of Portugal (Aviz Dynasty)

Mortem et Gloriam Singles

10,000 pt armies from Greece, Medes and Persians 670BC—357BC.

Any ally within these dates may be selected.

The following armies are allowed;

1105 Early Libyan1306 Phoenician1307 Early Arab
1308 Mannaian1311 Chaldean Babylonian1312 Later Vedic Indian
1313 Later Elamite1402 Early Iranian1403 Later Israelite
1404 Cimmerian1405 Urartian1407 Kushite Egyptian
1408 Lydian1409 L. Sargonid Assyrian1410 Saitic Egyptian
1411 Assyrian Babylonian1412 Neo Babylonian Empire1413 Median Empire
2101 Early Scythian or Saka2102 Thracian Lowland Tribes2103 Paeonian
2201 Cyrenean Greek2202 Meroitic Kushite2203 Late Period Egyptian
2401 Classical Greek2402 Thracian Hill Tribes2403 Spartan
2404 Early Macedonian2405 Illyrian2406 Mercenary Greek
2407 Later Spartan2501 Early Roman or Latin2502 Italian Hill Tribes
2503 Umbrian2504 Etruscan2505 Magna Graecia
2506 Early Campanian2507 Apulian2508 Bruttian
2509 Lucanian2510 Camillan Roman2511 Samnite
2601 Achaemenid Pesian – Royal Army2602 Achaemenid Persian – Satrapal Army2603 Mountain Indian
2604 Classical Indian2605 Later Achaemenid Persian2701 Libyan (not Garamantes)
2702 Sicel2703 Siciliot Greek2704 Early Carthaginian
2705 Sardinian2706 Syracusan2801 Asiatic Greek
2802 Lycian2803 Bithynian

FOG Ancients/Medieval Singles

900 points. £20.00 per player. Any army 1000—1500AD

Lists for all competitions to

Submitted 2 weeks before the event Sun 12th Feb

Online tickets available here – BADcon tickets

Online entry has a surcharge that will be added at the point of sale

Registration on the day from 8.30am

Games on both days are

  • 9.30am—1.00pm
  • 2.00pm—5.30pm

Merch for the event is now also available