Club Game – Teutoburg Forest 9AD – 11th September

I’d like to propose a club game to refight the destruction of Varus and his legions in the Teutoburg Forest in 9AD. The date given for the battle is mid-September, and the date in the McNally book is actually the 11st September, so given that is a Thursday this year I suggest that this be the date.


I’m proposing using the more recent evidence from Mjr. T Clunn, which places the battle near modern Kalkriese.

My current thought is that we fight 4 battle simultaneously reflecting the 3 phases of the battle. I’ll use the Osprey titles for each phase as they seem as good as any. They all take place after Varus and his officers commit suicide

An Army at bay.

Lucius Eggius harrassed by the Bructeri passing Kalkriese Berg. Followed by the subsequent ambush by Arminius and the Chercusci.

A second smaller battle of the Numonius Vala and the auxiliary alae being ambushed by the German cavalry after leaving the Felsemfield (Marching camp). This will be a quite small affair, but has some cavalry so adds a bit of colour.

A Desperate Situation

The Germans set up a fortification along a sandy patch that the Romans must cross. The Romans detach 6 cohorts who advance in Testudo to attack the ramparts.


Death in the Forest.

The remnants of Caeonius & Eggius try to reform and escape.

To do this we would need 8 players. If I can drum up the interest I can flesh out the detail. We would need quite a lot of figures. Probably about 300 stands of Germans – but I have 100. I know Peter has a chunk and Steve most likely.

We’d need about half of that in Romans. But I’m sure we can get that together.

I propose using Hail Caeasar, to make it fast, an get a resolution in an evening.

Please let me know your thoughts.