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Burton Wargames club was founded over 20 years ago and prides its self on being a friendly and open club with interest in all periods and forms of wargaming.

We meet every Tuesday and Thursday at 7:00pm in the The Priory Centre, Stretton, Burton on Trent, Staffordshire, England.

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Plenty of Free car parking is available at the hall.

There is no obligation to bring figures every week as there is always someone prepared to let you join in.

There is a modest nightly subscription fee but your first night is free.

15 thoughts on “About us”

  1. Are you open to new members? I’m looking at starting Either napoleonics or ancients and wondered if these where played and what scale and rules you use? Thanks

  2. Hi I am looking to start wargming and wondering if it would be ok to come along to one of your clue nights



    1. Hi Richard,

      you are more than welcome to come down. We meet twice a week Tues and Thur – details on the site !:-)


  3. Hi Richard,
    Glad you could make it down to the club on Thursday. It was an unusually quiet night due to the Usk weekend, but a very enjoyable game of Dead Man’s Hand with a few twists. ‘Teddy Roosevelt’ was clubbed to death by a US Cavalry bugler and ‘The Mummy Jack’ was shot in the back by the cowardly Mexican ‘Hombre Gordo’.The latter fell to a hail of bullets from my boys, with the d20 coup de grace justly delivered by the leader of my humble ‘archaeological team’.

  4. Hi Richard,

    if you are interested I can create you a BADcon website account and then you will get website notifications. Also if you have a smartphone there is a BADwargamers WhatsApp groups which you can join and then will get notifications of upcoming games


  5. Hi Guys thanks for the game ,sorry i had to ruse off,but my wife was giving me a lift as i dont drive, i really enjoyed the game i wont be able to make tuesdays but i hope to make thursdays! Alan M

  6. Hi guys Brian here ( yet again ) previous job required me to be working evenings, new job starts next month so if ok with you guys I’d like to pop along again and catch up with you all


    1. Thats fine Brian, the club still meets on Tues and Thurs. There is a BAD FB group and Whatsapp chat for organising games

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