Field of Glory : Renaissance army list spreadsheet

v4.8 xlsx format
Renaissance Army GeneratorV4-8

  • Version ┬ácontrol
    V1.1 BG count now fixed to add Grand Battles
    Also now allows sort function
  • V1.2 Modified to allow 4 troop types per BG
  • V2.0 Fully Automatic Points
  • V2.2 Bug with mounted pistol sorted.
  • V2.4 Portable Defences and Regimental Guns can now be attached to BG without affecting the BG size count
  • V2.5 Added More Rows, Territory, Deployment and Initiative. Moved BG# column in preparation for Detached shot sheet.
  • V2.6 Amended Deployment to Reflect Grand Battle Groups more correctly. Order of march number format changes to bold underlined if Grand BG
    Added Book List. Plus some formatting improvements.
  • V2.7 Mob Added, Hvy lance bug fixed from 2.6 Print area can now be selected
  • V2.8 formatting opened up and sort instructions added.
  • V2.9 Row 46 now included in total Sum, Added Space to name Allies, Made camp choice a dropdown, added instructional comments and other bits of formatting.
  • V3.0 Two page sheet for the mega armies! (or for those of us who failing eysight!)
  • V3.03 Impact Foot + Bayonet class now selectable in Impact column (Note previous versions will not cost Impact Ft + Bayonet Shot only BG properly)
    Phone and e-mail cells unlocked
  • V3.04 Allies Cell Unlocked – Completely missed this.
  • V3.05 Battle Wagon + Art and Poor BG Costs corrected
  • 3.2 Detached Units definition added – second sheets now add to same points. Minor typo corrections Detached Units can be marked as such in column K (BG Type). Doing so prevents the army points being re-calculated for shot without pike factors.
  • 3.3 Tethered Camels now available as Field Fortifications
  • 3.4 Impact Foot & Heavy Weapon now score correctly
  • V4.8 Modified points

One thought on “Field of Glory : Renaissance army list spreadsheet”

  1. Hi Paul, just done our army using 3.5 version and points cost is same as original book list, LH coming up as 10 not 9, HF HW 9 not 8 and Demi-Lancers 12 not 11.
    Have I got the correct version?
    Cheers Phil.

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