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A dust up in Malifaux

Well it’s taken almost a week to get round to it, but we get there in the end.

Last Tuesday saw myself and Pete play our 3rd game of Malifaux and I was looking for revenge, having lost the previous 2.

Pete provided the lovely mat and terrain we were to fight over (is home advantage a factor I wonder?). The cards dealt us Standard deployment and the Stake a Claim strategy.

I would be taking Ramos and his Arcanists and Pete the angry ladies, or Kirai with the Resurrectionists as they’re better known.

So the scene was set and we began.

Turn 1

Both sides made a bit of dash to engage, got to love an objective to take the centre of the board.  Other than that, a bit of summoning from the masters.

Turn 2

On the Arcanist side the dash continued, 2 of the big boys swept in….and performance was mixed. Beserker fury killing from one, and the other appeared to have borrowed his weapon from Timmy Mallet. Ramos failed to summon any spiders.

For the Resurrectionists, a bit stronger. Punk Zombie sliced up a Gamin and the Ikiryo made short work of the other. Dark times.

Turn 3

And then it started to go wrong.

Once again Ramos failed to summon any support. The big boys of the Arcanists went down (at least one of them earned me some victory points for Taking the Fall as a murder victim).

The Resurrectionists made the most of the opportunity to take a couple of objectives themselves, ensuring they were staking their claim.

Turn 4

Getting desperate at this stage, Ramos and 1 spider remained in play. But it’s okay, there’s more where that little chap came from….except there were not. Once again Ramos’ famed summoning skills deserted him and he was alone.

He did however kill the Ikiryo (again). The Spider was even less effective, skittering in the general direction of a Punk Zombie, and missing.

Time was up it seemed, the Resurrectionists surrounded Ramos to finish it off. Those infernal Punk Zombies made short work of him and the field was left to Kirai (and an almost unscathed force).

The Wrap up

Well I enjoyed the game, and I continue to learn (I’m sure I’ve heard somewhere you learn more when you lose, so I’m learning a lot).

We continue to make the odd mistake now and then,  thanks to Graeme for setting us right a couple of times.

I feel obliged to end with a reminder, that in Malifaux, Bad Things Happen.