18th & 19th February 2017
Wargames Weekend                

Meadowside Leisure Centre
High Street
Burton upon Trent
DE14 1TL

You are invited to come and join in our 22nd annual competition weekend and play one of the following;

DBMM Doubles
500 points any book 500BC—476AD.
£34.00 per team.

FOG Ancients Doubles
900 points any book 501AD—1149AD.
£34.00 per team.

FOG Renaissance Doubles
900 points any book 1618AD—1659AD.
£34.00 per team.

Renaissance special rule- Any heavy artillery used must be the first
battlegroup(s) deployed, followed immediately by any medium artillery used.

Art De La Guerre Doubles
400 points any book 500AD—999AD.
£34.00 per team.

ADLG Special rules;
1 400 points made up of 2 x 200 point armies. Each army must not be more than 210 points with a combined total of no more than 400 points.
2 The armies chosen must be listed as potential allies in either army list. All troop options used from both lists must be available within the time period 500—999AD.
3 Commands from each 200 point “army” may be intermingled at deployment. Each player must command the 3 adjacent commands in their half of the table.
4 The break point of the army is the combined total of both armies.
5 If flank marching or ambushing 1 command it is permitted to start with 2 commands for one player and 3 for the other and then transfer one command to maintain the 3 + 3 requirement once the flank march arrives or ambush is revealed, in order to disguise the flank of arrival. In the same principle, if only one flank march/ambush is being attempted, either player may roll for it.
6 Each player has a separate standard camp that must be deployed in their half of the table. The loss of each camp counts as per the standard 200 point rules.
7 Teams are expected to roll for and move 1 command each simultaneously in order to not unduly delay play and to resolve combats together as well where possible.

Entries and lists for all competitions to

Cheques payable to BURTON AND DISTRICT DBM

To Dene Green

19 Rosecroft Gardens
DE11 9AF

Registration from 8.30am
Games on both days are 9.30am—1.00pm
and 2.00pm—5.30pm

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