One day game 3rd July

Next 1 day game as BAD is set for 3rd July. Primary game will be a large TTS!M2 game – so if you have a grudge to settle pick a side and come along. TTS! is fast and fun and can be picked up super fast. Its designed for large games, so there will be no hanging aroung while Ray double checks his morale 🙂

If fantasy doesn’t float your boat then there will be space for other games

Squarebashing 2022 – RCW

Squarebashing RCW is to be 29th Oct 2022, at Battlefieldhobbies in Daventry.

Any 620pt list dated 1919-1921

Any questions can be raised to me at or via the RFCM forum

Tickets: £12.50 including lunch


Can you please purchase tickets promptly , just so the venue has an idea on the lunch requirements.

Date: 29th Oct 2022

Location: note – new location
South March,
NN11 4PH

Event Schedule
09.00-09.25 – Players arrive, welcome.
09:30-12.30 – Games One.
12.30-13:30 – Buffet lunch supplied.
13.30-16.30 – Game Two

Permitted lists

32. British Revolution right wing army 1919
34. German Freikorps 1918-19
43. RCW White Army
44. RCW Semenov (white) railway army
45. RCW Archangel Field Force 1918-19

31. British Revolution Left wing Army 1919
33. German Spartakist1918-19
40. Russian Red Army Early RCW
41. RCW Budenny’s cavalry army 1918-20
42. RCW Red Shock Army 1918-20

39. Cossack Host 1900-22
46. RCW Ukrainian peasant army 1918-20
47. Polish Army 1919-1922
51. Chinese Warlord Army 1911-27