BAD Archers?

“Not I”, says Dene after scoring 180 to win the Archery tournament.


Jason organised a ‘have-a-go’ evening at the Burton Bridge Archery club.

burton bridge archers

The attending BAD members showed that England would indeed be safe should the French try to invade!


Despite being July it was a bit chilly. But we should be thankful that we missed the torrential rain



Assemble brave Yeomen


One thought on “BAD Archers?”

  1. I just wanted to add my two penneth worth about the archery evening, grrreeeaaaattt laugh. For those who couldn’t make it, you missed an enjoyable evening, and I hope we can make this an annual event, after all somebody’s got to knock old dead eye Dene off his perch. We got relatively lucky with the weather with the rain holding off ,if not the stiff breeze.
    Many thanks must go to Jason for suggesting it and to Burton Bridge Archers for hosting the evening.
    The results on the evening were as follows;

    1. Dene 194 points
    2. Simon G 170 points
    3. Simon C 164 points
    4. Chris Algie 156 points
    5. Chris Allpress 154 points
    5. Wayne 154 points
    7. Ian 154 points
    8. Phil 152 points
    9. Paul 148 points
    10. Lynette 140 points
    11. Ray 127 points
    12. Mary C 79 points
    13. Georgie C 56 points
    14. Emil Algie 49 points
    15. Logan C 33 points.

    Chris and Wayne both got 5 golds whilst Ian got 3 golds which I’m reliably informed is how you deal with tied scores.
    Cheers for now, Si G.

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