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    Andy Dumelow

    Hopefully we will be marking this with a one day game later in the year. It would be nice if we could arrange a multi-player game with as many members playing as possible. I may have rose-tinted memories of our early one-dayers but I felt this format seemed to bring the club together with people willing to play a period or scale that was not their main interest.
    So if anyone has any suggestions that the whole club could get behind and participate in please throw it out for consideration.
    I’ve been looking at a few battles that:
    i) fall into the multiple of 100th or 50th anniversaries
    ii) we already have plenty of figures within the club to recreate them
    iii) have a widely accepted and known set of rules to play them to
    Ideas so far are:
    1424 – Battle of Verneuil. English v combined French/Scottish/Milanese force in the later Hundred Years War. Described by the English as a second Agincourt but a lot closer in reality. The English and Scots promised no quarter given or requested for each other before the battle.
    1524 – Battle of Sesia. France v Imperial/Spanish in the Italian Wars. An interesting encounter battle rather than the usual set piece for the period, notable for the development of firearm tactics.
    1624 – Battle of Mohynov. Polish-Lithuanian v Tatars encounter that has several interesting ‘set-pieces’ within it.
    1674 – Battle of Seneffe. France v Dutch/Imperial/Spanish
    One of the largest and bloodiest battles of the century. Something of a stalemate historically but a real toe to toe encounter.
    If any of the above stimulates any interest I’ll provide more details. Sesia and Seneffe are the most likely to last a full day.
    Hopefully these will encourage some interest and/or stimulate further suggestions.

    Andy Dumelow

    Seneffe looks like the best option for a multi-player game at present. Its a popular period and club players have plenty of suitable figures for the period (in 15mm and maybe even 28mm!

    Looking into the scenario and order of battle at present and have discovered there was an article in ‘Arquebusier’ in late 2020 or early 2021. Anyone a Pike and Shot Society member and has a copy of this available?


    Simon Clarke

    I did look at this a while ago. There is a useful map here –

    Also The Rampjarr is a good site for info

    it could be interesting to be broken into 3 parts

    The Battle at Seneffe
    Rear guard before St. Nicholas
    Battle at St. Nicholas
    Battle at Fayt

    Andy Dumelow

    I have now managed to find enough info on orbats, battlefield and sequence to refight Seneffe as a one day game. The most likely date is either the 16th or17th March, so its now a matter of how many can make it for the game?

    As Simon mentions above if we follow the historical sequence it falls into 3 or 4 set pieces. Only the final battle is a really large (really large!)scale encounter. So if you can only make it for the afternoon there will still be commands available on both sides.

    Hoping as many as possible can make it on the day

    Ray Boyles

    Andy, I assume that this will now be in 15mm.
    Note that Sun 17th is the WMMS Show, Alumwell – actually now at Wolverhampton. This does not affect me but it may others.

    Bob Amey

    It is also ChilCon at Derby.

    Andy Dumelow

    Yes from the size of the game it will be 15mm
    The date is decided by availability of the hall and by the number of players that have said they can make that weekend.

    Andy Dumelow

    I believe the date has now been confirmed and booked as 16th March. Hope to see plenty of you there.

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