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The Town Hall, King Edward Pl, Burton-on-Trent, DE14 2EB

24th and 25th February 2024

You are invited to come and join in our 28th annual competition weekend and play one of the following

DBMM Doubles

500 points. 1071—1525AD.

Any army legal during these dates may be chosen.

All armies must have 4 commands. 1 Ally General can be nominated in the submitted list as auto-reliable. He (and his command) is treated in all ways as an Ally General (including AP) but is reliable from the outset of the game. Also if flank marching or a delayed arrival his command will not count as lost and will continue to dice for arrival even from the 8th bound.

FOG Renaissance Doubles

900 points. Any army 1618—1660AD.

Any army legal during these dates may be chosen.

Amended rules and points as per the Slitherine forum.

Army lists may exceed 900 points by the cost of the cheapest base used.

Any heavy artillery used must be the first battlegroup(s) deployed, followed immediately by any medium artillery used.

Dragoons making any move including an evade starting or ending within 6MU of the enemy, may make a full dragoon mounted move if they pass a CMT.

If they make a move which would be longer than that allowed to dragoons on foot they may shoot but as Carbines (range and effect) not Muskets as they are shooting from horseback, or have dismounted so quickly that they cannot shoot properly as a unit.

Cavalry that pass a CMT can either, move 2MU and turn 180, or turn 180 and move 2MU, or turn 180 move 2MU and turnback 180.

Art De La Guerre Doubles

300 points. Any army 1251—1500AD.

Renatio et Gloriam Singles

10,000 pts. Any army from Europe’s Ruin.

No Reduced scale army lists allowed

Mortem et Gloriam Singles

10,000 pts. Armies & Enemies of Rome 275BC—476AD

FOG AM Singles

900 pts. Armies up to and including 551BC from this list;

  • Early Highland Raiders
  • Early Libyan
  • Later Sumerian or Akkadian
  • Old or Middle Kingdom Egyptian
  • Hyksos
  • Mitanni
  • Syro-Canaanite
  • New Kingdom Egyptian
  • Later Minoan or Early Mycenaean
  • Middle or Early Neo-Assyrian
  • Sea Peoples
  • Philistine
  • Neo-Hittite and Aramean
  • Later Hebrew
  • Libyan Egyptian
  • Urartian
  • Lydian or Lycian
  • Kimmerian or Scythian or Saka
  • Neo-Assyrian Empire
  • Kushite Egyptian
  • Late Dynastic Egyptian
  • Neo-Babylonian Empire

Lists for all competitions to

Submitted 2 weeks before the event Sun 10th Feb 2024

Online tickets available here – BADcon tickets

Online entry has a surcharge that will be added at the point of sale

Registration on Saturday from 8.30am.

Games start at 9.30am on Saturday and 9.00am on Sunday

Merch for the event is now also available

Squarebashing Day 2018

Squarebashing 2018 is to be held on Saturday 23rd June 2018, at Battlefieldhobbies in Daventry.

It will be a team event (entries permitting). The armies are divided into 2 Pools. In each team – one player plays allies, the other central powers. I have added forces from the Russian Civil War that are dated 1918+. I have added 2 neutral armies that can be fielded on the either side. Game pairings will ‘historical’ were possible, and avoid ‘same club’ where possible

The lists and statuses are

There will be 2 games, Team against Team (Allies vs Central Powers). For each game the sum of each team score will be added to the team total. The army points are 620pts (standard game)

To encourage using under valued armies the sum total of army rating will be deducted from final score.

The terrain will be pre set , other than that, its RAW. You have the option to use the ‘Rays Stick’ method for countdown to battle. There will be no trench, canal or fort games. All painted figures please, we want it to look nice!

Any questions can be raised to me at or via the RFCM forum

Tickets can be purchased using here

Can you please purchase tickets promptly , just so the venue has an idea on the lunch requirements.

Tickets: £12.50 including lunch

Date: Saturday 23rd June 2018

Battlefield Hobbies
17 Brunel Close
NN11 8BR

Event Schedule
09.00-09.25 – Players arrive, welcome.
09:30-12.30 – Games One.
12.30-13:30 – Buffet lunch supplied.
13.30-16.30 – Game Two


24th & 25th February 2018

      Meadowside Leisure Centre, High Street,
Burton upon Trent, DE14 1TL

You are invited to come and join in our 23rd annual competition weekend and play one of the following;

DBMM Doubles
500 points any book 476-1071AD.

£34.00 per team.

FOG Ancients Doubles
900 points. Version 3, any list from book 1

£34.00 per team.

Art De La Guerre Doubles
350 points any book 1000AD—1250AD.
No Heavy Knights allowed.
Rules and table size as per 300 point game

£34.00 per team.

Mortem et Gloriam Doubles
12000 points any list 500BC—500AD.

£34.00 per team.

FOG Renaissance Doubles
900 points any book 1660AD—1698AD.

£34.00 per team.

We will use the amended rules and points as published on the Slitherine forum and our website.
Any heavy artillery used must be the first battlegroup(s) deployed, followed immediately by any medium artillery used.


Entries and lists for all competitions to

Cheques payable to BURTON AND DISTRICT DBM

To Dene Green

19 Rosecroft Gardens
DE11 9AF

Registration from 8.30am
Games on both days are 9.30am—1.00pm
and 2.00pm—5.30pm

See our website

The size of the venue means we can accommodate 64 teams, please book early to avoid disappointment.

Facebook event