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    Simon ClarkeSimon Clarke

    Hi, this came though to me from Brian Betteridge who came to the club some years back

    “Hi, i.m not sure who this is but i used to come to burton club 20 years ago, nipped over to your new place 7/ 8 years ago but work prevents me getting to evenings..

    anyway… two guys Dean and Wayne used to sell gear, , although work still prevents me gaming in the evenings i still ”dabble” a little bit in modelling painting etc, and have taken an interest in wings of War ( WW2 ) and i am finding it hard to obtain german bombers.. at the moment i’m looking to convert some to fill the gap. but if you could pass this message on to any sellers in your club who may wish to sell WOW WW2 german bombers i’d be most grateful



    if you can help out let me know and I will pass on his deets


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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