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    Simon ClarkeSimon Clarke

    Hi everyone,

    As we suspected the Parish Council have closed the Priory Centre until further notice.

    So nothing remains but to pick up your paint brushes and get stuck into the lead/plastic mountains we’ve all been denying we have.

    I’ll let you know about a reopening date as soon as I hear anything.

    Could someone please forward this to Richard Bason as I don’t have his email address.

    Simon C, could you please put this on the website and whatsapp etc?

    All the best, Dene

    AvatarAndy Dumelow

    Thanks for the update – obviously the right move at this time. Hopefully we can make the effort to keep in touch via this website. I have a seemingly never ending stream of 25mm figures to do for Dene’s Jacobite Irish campaign armies ( I didn’t know he was recreating it man for man!), and a few dozen 25mm NWF Afghans for my own forces – they have been on my table since Christmas 2018.
    Might get back into a bit of solo wargaming, probably using something very simple like the old DBA rules. Its amazing how much better my dice rolls can be when there is no opponent watching.
    Also plenty of reading to catch up on. Just started the Helion book on the Scanian War that Ray got for me. There may be another scenario or two to squeeze out of it for a club night game when we get back together.
    All the best,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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