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    Simon Clarke
    Simon Clarke

    The room now has been booked for the one day game on the Sun 11th Feb

    Are there any takers to organise? At the AGM there was talk to make sure everyone played in the same game. I’m easy just to repeat the last cancelled one.

    Please put forward ideas



    Andy Dumelow

    I suppose it is down to:
    a) how many intend attending(!)
    b) how many players can the game or games comfortably accommodate.
    This will probably have to be thrashed out on a club night. I think Steve still wants to do Aughrim but I have no idea how many commands are available. What would be the ideal number of players for your Samurai game?
    To me the perfect 1 day game is one in which as many members as possible attend and all play in. But if, say, Aughrim and the Samurai game are ideally suited to 6 players each and 12 people attend it would make perfect sense to host both games rather than dilute one game into smaller and less satisfying commands.


    Andy Dumelow

    I’m up for either game by the way!

    Simon Clarke
    Simon Clarke

    Hi, as the most vocal, can I delegate to Jon Phipps and Andy Dumelow to organise the game(s). One single game make be a step too far – but can you guys liase and come up with a plan


    Simon Green

    Hi Simon, as far as I’m aware Steve is going to the same game that was planned for December, not sure what Jon is planning, I assumed you Pete and Wayne were doing the Team Yankee game, and I think Richard also has something planned.


    Andy Dumelow

    I’ll double check with Steve on Thursday but I’m sure he is still doing Aughrim. I’d be happiest playing and/or helping out with this as required, but if it falls through just keen to play any game.
    I do think it would be useful to push for a more definite decision on the game or games for the day asap to ensure there are enough players for all the suggestions.


    Andy Dumelow

    A bit of an update:
    Steve is definitely doing Aughrim and is looking for ideally 4 players but could accommodate 6.
    Simon C and Pete are doing a 40K game and are happy to expand it to accommodate more.
    Richard is still considering putting a game on, depending on likely numbers attending.
    From this evenings meeting the following have confirmed they should be able to make the games day on the 11th:
    Simon C
    Simon G
    It would be good to know who else is likely to attend asap.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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