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    Andy Dumelow

    As you all know it will be 100 years since the end of The Great War on this date this year. I apologise for (i) not playing Squarebashing and (ii) not having any figures to contribute, but I think we should do something to commemorate this in the shape of a one day game.

    How about refighting an action from the last morning of the war as a suitable finale to this tragic event?

    November 11th actually falls on a Sunday this year but I think I would feel uneasy playing the game on the actual day. Depending on available dates what about the 4th November? I think we should also stop the game at 11.00 to observe the silence.

    Any WWI buffs have any ideas for a suitable action that took place on 11th November 1918?

    Ray Boyles
    Ray Boyles

    Andy, great idea & all good points you make.
    1) No need to apologise for lack of figures on your part – there are plenty within the club.
    2) I’ll look into suitable actions. (BTW I’ll be soon be posting ideas for re-fighting the Battle of Amiens on 9th August, which is the nearest Thu to the date).
    3) I would like to be involved with marking 11/11/11 but personally would prefer that we do not do this at a weekend. What about club night on 8th Nov?
    4) Whenever we do this we could start or finish by observing a silence at the Stretton memorial. When ever I pass this I am impressed by the statue.

    Discuss tonight?

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