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    Jon Phipps

    Hi all

    Just over four weeks to go to our Battle of Cropredy Bridge at Partizan.  A few points of detail:

    1. Players. Firstly, who’ll be participating? If you could let me know that’ll be great.
    2. Rules. Probably FOGR as it’s what most folk are familiar with. However, it is a demonstration game so if you all want to use a fun set like Pike & Shotte, that’s cool. But assume FOGR unless you hear otherwise.
    3. Interpretation Panel. Ray, what are you actually supplying? I can use a local graphic designer to do an A1 sheet with photos, maps etc, but if it’s something you can do that’s great. Just let me know.
    4. Figures. 25mm…it is a demonstration army game after all. I think I have most of the Parliament army. Could do with a couple more units, and of course all of the Royalist army. Can people please let me know what they have.
    5. Terrain (3D). When we did Cropredy in Sheffield, we seem to have a good selection of buildings. Do we still have those? Could also do with a few 25mm trees and hedges…how is the club off for those?
    6. Terrain (battleboard). I’ll bring some reasonable scratch built stuff (the same as we used in Sheffield a few years ago). I have enough for 8’x6′ definitely, I’m currently working on some more so that it’s 10’x6’…I want this to look great.

    any other comments or queries please let me know.



    Simon Clarke
    Simon Clarke

    Confirmation of Partizan entry –

    Dear Simon

    We are pleased to confirm that we have booked for you at Partizan MMXVII on Sunday 21st May at the George Stephenson Exhibition Hall, Newark Showground, a

    10ft x 6ft Games Table

    We have spoken to the venue and have agreed that there will be the opportunity for us to do some setup on the Saturday afternoon before the show. If any traders or games would like to start their setup at that time they would be very welcome. We do not yet have the exact time for this but will let you know as soon as we have finalised details.

    We anticipate having the hall available for setup from 7am on the day. Doors open to the public from 10am officially, though we often let people in from a little before if the weather is inclement. Officially we will close at 4pm. As a courtesy to the paying public please do not start to clear away your tables or stands before 3.30pm.

    We will have a steward outside the venue to direct you to your place when you arrive. There are a large number of suitable doors for unloading and you will be directed to the one closest to your stand or games table. As at previous shows we will be providing traders and gamers packs with each table which will contain coffee vouchers and free figures for everyone and raffle entries for the gamers.

    As with last year’s shows, in conjunction with Wargames Illustrated and Wargames Soldiers and Strategy magazines we will be presenting three awards. There will be Macfarlane Shield for the best Demonstration Game. The Pete Gill Shield for the best Participation Game and the Editor’s Shield for the overall best game at the show – chosen by the editors of the two magazines. We are extremely grateful for the agreement and help from both magazines.

    These awards are in addition to the raffle prize which is open to all games presenting at the show.

    If anything happens to prevent you coming PLEASE let us know, so we can re-arrange. As you know we have a waiting list for traders, so if you can’t come we can slot someone else in. Even on the day let us know using the mobile number above. For gamers it is also important to let us know because we hate having bare tables left out.

    We hope you have an enjoyable and profitable day,

    Best Wishes

    Laurence & Richard
    Laurence Baldwin and Richard Tyndall

    Ray Boyles
    Ray Boyles


    I can bring one or more of my exhibition display boards. Each is 6ftx6ft comprising six panels in two rows of three. Each panel is approximately 300 x 600mm so should take the A1 sheets that you local graphic designer can do.

    As to content I’ll do whatever you need. This can include some photos of the battlefield from a guided tour I went on last year. As I’m pretty busy over the next month I did not anticipate “re-inventing the wheel” but to make use of information already in the public domain e.g. The Battlefield Trust

    After helping with the set up I do not anticipate being involved in the playing as I shall be missing for a couple of hours in Newark that day

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    Andy Dumelow

    I’m going along to the show but it will not be first thing and I also want to catch up with a few people I havn’t seen for years. So the opposite to Ray really – I’ll be able to participate in the afternoon and help with the packing away if that’s any help?

    Ray Boyles
    Ray Boyles

    I have obtained some spare parts & repaired the display board. Draft display material now mailed to Jon.

    Simon Clarke, should we check with / notify Laurence & Richard that we are using a display panel?

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