Milton Keynes Campaign

The Periods

Last Trumpet of the Elephants, Southern Asia 1650-1698
Minimum of 4 Elephant bases, no more than 16 bases of Superior Battle Troops

  • Mughal
  • Vietnamese (May have Khmer allies)
  • Thai Burmese and Khmer (May have Portuguese allies)
  • Indonesian or Malaccan (must be an option that has Elephants),(may have Dutch allies if Johor Sultanate)
  • Hindu Indian (May have Dutch allies if Sinhalese Kingdom)
  • Muslim Indian

Peasant Revolts and their Overlords.
An army must have as many poor bases as it has sup/elite bases. (mob and LF count towards these totals)

  • Peasant Wars (Please specify your uprising)
    German States 1524-1526 (may have German State allies, and use South or East Germany options)
  • Maximillian Imperial (no Italy options) 1514-1516
  • Hungarian 1514
  • Vasa Swedish 1542-1543 (Any bases may be downgraded too Poor to obey the poor/sup rule)
  • Early Danish 1534-1536

Friends and Enemies of Charles II and his wife 1660-1685.

  • Later Dutch included as although the war was fought at sea, there could have been a land battle.
  • Restoration British (Includes Tangiers and In Scotland options)
  • Later Spanish (Spain only)
  • Late Restoration Portuguese
  • North African States
  • Covenanting Rebels
  • Monmouth Rebellion
  • Later Dutch

Artillery rules for all periods
1) Must have 6 bases of foot battle troops for each base of Lt/Med/Hvy artillery
2) All heavy artillery starting the battle unlimbered must be deployed first. Limbered heavy artillery may be deployed at any time. The army list must specify whether the artillery is limbered or unlimbered. The player may send in two army lists with different order of marches only, depending on whether they want their heavy artillery to start limbered/unlimbered or a combination of both if they have more than one BG of Heavy artillery.
3) Light and medium artillery can deploy at any time during the order of march.
4) If artillery is captured, the player who has captured them can at the end of the turn in which he has captured them, during the JAP phase, after all auto routing troops have been removed, choose to remove the artillery.

Allies and special options are allowed if specified.

BAD players at MK

Campaign2015_170159Campaign2015_170235 (2)Campaign2015_170235Campaign2015_134236 (2)Campaign2015_133346Campaign2015_133335Campaign2015_133308Campaign2015_133308 (2)Campaign2015_133301Campaign2015_095504Campaign2015_134236

Plenty of smiling faces from the Burton team and BAD mercenaries!

He are the final results (with a pat on the back to Dene & Wayne)

1st Forlorn Hope 240
2nd Central London Mediocre 188
3rd October 164 (tie breaker result between the two teams)
4th Les Trois Mousquetaires 164
5th Burton and District 124
6th Wooden Spoon 100

Last Trumpet of the Elephants
1st Bob Medcraft, Forlorn Hope, Indonesian, Johor Sultanate w Dutch Allies, 1693 70
2nd Wayne Charleton, Burton and District, Rajput Hindu Indian 1650 64
3rd Chris Beesley, Les Trois Mousquetaires, Indonesian, Johor Sultanate w Dutch Allies, 1695 60
4th Tim Porter, Central London Mediocre, Vietnamese 59
5th Ray Boyles, October, Indonesian, Johor Sultanate w Dutch Allies, 1650 58
6th Will Denham, Wooden Spoon, Hindu Sinhalese w Dutch Allies, 1650 9

Peasants and their Oppressors

1st Dave Parish, Forlorn Hope, German States (South or East) 1524 71
2nd Dene Green, Les Trois Mousquetaires, German States (South or East) 1524 52
3rd Dave Allen, Central London Mediocre, Hungarian Peasants Revolt 1525 49
4th= Stephen Stead, October, Slovenian Peasant Revolt 1516 48 (No tie breaker their game scored 10/10)
4th= Lynette Maxim, Burton and District, Hungarian 1514 48
6th Nigel Emsen, Wooden Spoon, German Peasant Revolt 1525 32

Charles II Friends and Foes

1st Ben Jones, Forlorn Hope, Later Dutch 1680 99
2nd Simon LeRay-Meyer, Central London Mediocre, Later Dutch 1680 80
3rd Paul Kitcher, Wooden Spoon, Later Dutch with Later Spanish Allies 1673 59
4th Keith Spedding, October, North African States 1680 58
5th Martin Val Tol/Tom Elsworth, Les Trois Mousquetaires, Restoration British in Tangiers 47
6th Steve Holt, Burton and District, Later Spanish 12

Battle of Clontarf

Battle of Clontarf Weir 23rd April 1014 was a pivotal event in Irish history as it saw the end of a dynasty following the deaths of 3 generations of Brian Borus‘ family, so despite being victorious on the day the power of his lineage was broken.

The forces that faced each other that April morning on the northern bank of Dublin Bay was a veritable mix of different Irish tribes with ever changing loyalties, one of Brian’s supporters even withdrew his support on the morning before sensing a defeat for the rebels and so changed his allegiance back again, Vikings from The Orkneys and Isle of Man and even a few English and Scots.

The army of Brian Boru occupied the higher ground and had a very slight numerical advantage, the rebel army of Dubgall mac Amlaib had to attempt to stop Brian’s army from garnering even more support, to this end the armies moved towards each other shortly after 7am in the morning.

The rebel army placed a small force of troops commanded by Sitric Silkenbeards son on its left flank, approximately 2000 men from Leinster in the centre and on its right flank were the Vikings from Orkney and Man. A force of some 1000 men remained in Dublin commanded by Sitric Silkenbeard who watched the fight without getting directly involved.

Facing the rebel army was a force made up of Vikings and other mercenaries on the right flank, followed by contingents from Connactht and Munster with the left flank being held by Brians son Murchard and most of the Royal troops.
The two armies clashed all the way along the lines with no quarter asked for or given.

During our refight the left flank of the rebel army was soon in flight thanks to a whole series of appalling dice rolls by Roger, coupled with the advantage of higher ground.
In the centre Pete wasn’t having it any easier as he was having to combat not only the slope but also the demon dice of Lynette. Finally on the right flank Steve was having a bit more success with the Vikings against Murchard Boru.
Unfortunately Brodir of Man soon fell under the axe swing of an Irish nobleman and shortly afterwards both the Orkney Vikings and the Man Vikings were running back to their longships, only to find them scattered by the incoming tide.
So it soon became obvious that the rebel army was utterly defeated, however unlike in history only 1 general had been lost in the process.
As a historical refight the end result was he same, with the exception of a lack of dead generals, however I think the effect of the terrain would be something I would try and reduce next time.
Many thanks to all 7 players that joined in especially those brave rebels who suffered at the hands of those all too fickle dice gods.

Salute 2015

I have to admit I was a bit overwhelmed by Salute this year and as such my photo snapping was short and random, there seemed to be hundreds of folks with camera phones so I’m sure there will be more comprehensive pictures.

Some views –

  • There seemed to be large (and I mean large) expenditure. If this is a barometer of recession then surely it must be over.
  • Very young crowd. A lot of young folks
  • Very diverse ethnicity of attendants
  • 50M queue for Forgeworld within the show!!
  • Historical games probably a minority now. Fantasy skirmish being de jour.

I thought it was a very healthy show. But a bit much for me




The crowd was absolutely massive this year. The highlight being a bit of mob rule where it seems that everyone in the snaking entry queue just seemed to make a mad surgery towards the entrance



Some Warlord game previews


Terminator preview





Spartan games





Hawk wargame flagship




Battlestar galatica