Field of Glory : Renaissance army list spreadsheet

V3.5 xlt format
Renaissance Army GeneratorV3-5

v3.4 xlsx format
Renaissance Army GeneratorV3-4

  • Version  control
    V1.1 BG count now fixed to add Grand Battles
    Also now allows sort function
  • V1.2 Modified to allow 4 troop types per BG
  • V2.0 Fully Automatic Points
  • V2.2 Bug with mounted pistol sorted.
  • V2.4 Portable Defences and Regimental Guns can now be attached to BG without affecting the BG size count
  • V2.5 Added More Rows, Territory, Deployment and Initiative. Moved BG# column in preparation for Detached shot sheet.
  • V2.6 Amended Deployment to Reflect Grand Battle Groups more correctly. Order of march number format changes to bold underlined if Grand BG
    Added Book List. Plus some formatting improvements.
  • V2.7 Mob Added, Hvy lance bug fixed from 2.6 Print area can now be selected
  • V2.8 formatting opened up and sort instructions added.
  • V2.9 Row 46 now included in total Sum, Added Space to name Allies, Made camp choice a dropdown, added instructional comments and other bits of formatting.
  • V3.0 Two page sheet for the mega armies! (or for those of us who failing eysight!)
  • V3.03 Impact Foot + Bayonet class now selectable in Impact column (Note previous versions will not cost Impact Ft + Bayonet Shot only BG properly)
    Phone and e-mail cells unlocked
  • V3.04 Allies Cell Unlocked – Completely missed this.
  • V3.05 Battle Wagon + Art and Poor BG Costs corrected
  • 3.2 Detached Units definition added – second sheets now add to same points. Minor typo corrections Detached Units can be marked as such in column K (BG Type). Doing so prevents the army points being re-calculated for shot without pike factors.
  • 3.3 Tethered Camels now available as Field Fortifications
  • 3.4 Impact Foot & Heavy Weapon now score correctly

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