club reopening on Thursdays

I understand the club may be opening again on Thursdays from Sept 3rd. I should be down so who else is likely to attend and what games are likely to be played? Can you also give some guidance on what precautions we have to take – presumably only handle your own figures and dice, bring own refreshments and so forth.

It will be good to get back to gaming – I havn’t actually played even a solo figure game in all the time since lockdown. I have, however, caught up on a lot of reading and have a couple of scenario game possibilities for when things return to normal.

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  1. Hi Andy, it’s good to hear that you’re making a return next month. The first thing to say is that we will be using the big room instead of the usual Thursday room, the camera club aren’t returning until next year, in fact we are the only people currently using the building. We have to wear masks whilst in the club and there is a ready supply of hand sanitizer on site. Dene has brought a bit of catering but some people are just using their own. As far as dice, figures etc I suppose that’s down to individual preference, I used my own on Tuesday when me, Dene and Steve had an ACW game and then went fine. As far as what games are on, I’m not sure at the moment so if you want to suggest something then I’m sure you’ll get takers.
    Take it easy and see you in a couple of weeks.

  2. I have a small scenario from the Scanian Wars ready that is suitable for an evening game. Would suit just 1 or 2 players a side. Let me know if interested. I’ll bring all my figures but happy for players to use their own if preferred.

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