Hordes of the Things

New army defeat inevitable. Having raised an evil Drukhari force  I was keen to see it action Facing a Tyranid horde my plan was to stay mobile as all vehicles can leave combat and shoot  and as they open topped all the infantry on board  can shoot as well. First turn went well I killed 2 Carnifexes and 10 aunts at distance. Surely I was far enough away to avoid a first turn charge? 

Alas Hive fleet Kraken  has  some tricksy moves  and can move run charge  In  addition a Trygon with gene stealers  in tow arrived  within 9 ins of left flank. The Trygon charged and destroyed  one of my raiders.

The rest of the games involved me trying to manoeuvre and shoot  the Tyranid hordes.I destroyed the Trygon and  two the gene stealer groups but at the cost of most of my vehicles and being pinned backed I was far behind on victory points. The large numbers of Nids made it difficult to target his leader Broodlords  his large group of Zoanthropes in the back field who took down my Razorwing fighter

Leesons learnt I should covered my flanks  with units to print the Trygon strike and  thrown out the Reaver bikes to block the alpha strike charges.

also this hive fleet can leave combat and charge which makes them a handful.

2 thoughts on “Hordes of the Things”

  1. Key lesson…with your alpha strike I think you should have focussed on the Genestealers rather than the Carnifexes. Carnis have 6 attacks each at 4+ and take forever to get across the table to attack you. For the same points cost I can have 10 Stealers with 40 attacks hitting on a 2+ (assuming a Broodlord is nearby) and will be in your face on turns 1 or 2. You do the math.
    Genestealer spam with Zoanthropes backing them up definitely the way forward in a competitive environment but in future friendly games I will be experimenting with different lists.

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