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Hordes of the Things

New army defeat inevitable. Having raised an evil Drukhari force  I was keen to see it action Facing a Tyranid horde my plan was to stay mobile as all vehicles can leave combat and shoot  and as they open topped all the infantry on board  can shoot as well. First turn went well I killed 2 Carnifexes and 10 aunts at distance. Surely I was far enough away to avoid a first turn charge? 

Alas Hive fleet Kraken  has  some tricksy moves  and can move run charge  In  addition a Trygon with gene stealers  in tow arrived  within 9 ins of left flank. The Trygon charged and destroyed  one of my raiders.

The rest of the games involved me trying to manoeuvre and shoot  the Tyranid hordes.I destroyed the Trygon and  two the gene stealer groups but at the cost of most of my vehicles and being pinned backed I was far behind on victory points. The large numbers of Nids made it difficult to target his leader Broodlords  his large group of Zoanthropes in the back field who took down my Razorwing fighter

Leesons learnt I should covered my flanks  with units to print the Trygon strike and  thrown out the Reaver bikes to block the alpha strike charges.

also this hive fleet can leave combat and charge which makes them a handful.

Knife to a gunfight 40K Tournament Titan Games

Entered the one day tournament at our local FLGS. I bought  Black Templars  configured for close combat in 2 Land Raises with some terminators 2 Heroes and and an anti tank Predator. Id did not go well

Lose in 2 Turns to a Newbie using Ultramarine massed plasma  and R Guilliman

Mistakes were made I let him deploy in the craters  so he got a better save but I had line of sight. The hellblaster plasma made short work of my armour My ruminators failed their charges with re -rolls  and his rep sticking reverse tied me up in knots Conceded in 2 turns

Game 2  Adeptus Custodes

These are the Emperors elite enforcers  Hi toughness 2 + save 4+ invulnerable . Began well, dented these  splendid chaps with Lascannon fire . Heeded  the shop owners advice to get stuck in. Unfortunately  the terminators failed the charge again and I misplayed the stratagems and allowed the combat sequence to be interrupted. Lasted to the end of playing time but lost 12-5 on points

Last Game Bottom Feeders

Great match up Opponent playing Astra Militarum  2 super heavy tanks five Leman Russ and open table  with no over on infantry. Over before it began really. He destroyed  one of my Landraiders on turn one  and severely damaged the other . I  deep struck the Terminators and using the attack twice stratagem destroyed one of the super heavy  tanks Hurrah !  Turn 2  rest of my vehicles destroyed and I  conceded as behind on victory points. I didn’t  really have a chance in this one.


No point entering with  a fluffy list as all  armies present were brutal multiple super heavy tanks , knights and dodgy Eldar.

I should forgotten the close combat style of Templar play and just use d multiple lascannons

At least all my stuff was painted

3 colour minimum should prevail


Father Nurgle laughs at Elves

So excited my pictures are going vertical since last Mac upgrade

Last 40 k game expected my Eldar to shred the Nurgle daemons at distance especially my new Fire Prism. Alas with -1 to hit and and a 5+ Daemon save I barely removed the first layers of mucus from the  beasts. Perhaps the Elder redeployment stratagem  to concentrate my fire.

Next time   Happy New Year from all the elves on Biel Tan

For the Emperor !

Helbrecht could taste the taint of Chaos on his tongue as he urged his sergeant to speed the Landraiders towards rthe industrial complex at Ikton 5 Khorne the most savage and abandoned of the Chaos filth were already there in strength.

This was my second game of 8th edition with the greatest chapter the Black Templars ( no magic loving close combat) against Khorne  close combat no magic and no shooting. the chaos node deployed worth marines on the left flank and vile demons on the left screened by flesh hounds urged on by a demon prince and the insane Kharn the Betrayer. Opposing the demons were two Landraiders full of marines led by the chapter master and the Emperors champion

The action began with the Khorne horde advancing mercifully too far away for a turn 4 chargeThe Templars responded with a hail of fire from the Landraiders and the dismounted marines which destroyed the fleshounds opening up a charge lane for the marines and Helbrecht to engage the bloodletters demons. On the other flank the predator and the storm talon destroyed a 10 man berserker unit

Crying vows of loyalty Hebrecht and his crusaders charged tied the demons. Whoops forgot the rerolls to hit so only killed 8 and they responded in kind with their hellblades – ouch!

Next turn saw the demons summon another swarm of bloodletters which surged forward to join the  Melendez and the swooping demon prince and kharn the betrayer also charged. In a whirlwind of blows Kharn’s axe Gorechild slew Helbrecht. At this point I used two command points to allow my remaining marines to strike before the charging demons and  removed the reamaing blood letters from play the demon price then killed a few marines.

The remaining marines took advantage of the new rules to withdraw from combat carrying Helbrecht shattered form with them The Landraiders moved forward to exact  vengeance and The isolated Khorne heroes died in a hail of assault cannons rounds. Marine firepower is brutal and another squad of berserkers died to my two support units.

Turn 3 and the heralds summoned more blood letters and some long bomb charges saw my other crusader squad and the  emperors champion hit by a tide of berserkers and bloodletters. Iwas left with 4 neophyte marines and the champion though we took a toll of the heretics. Once again the marines survivors fell back and the Landraiders shot and charged (yes vehicles now have a melee value) and the support vehicles manoeuvred ans culled the remaining berserkers. Assault marines landed  on an objective in the KHorne rear areas. Drop troops now land where and when you want  but have to be deploy by turn 3.

Turn 4 saw the  Khorne heralds charge the newly arrived assault marines and kill most of them over 2 rounds of combat.

The marine supports killed the last of the blood letters and the Landraiders and the champion killed the last of the bloodletters and the berserkers.

Khorne at last  saw reason with 2 heralds facing the predator Landraiders and the stormtalon flier  and we called it . 11-4 to the Imperium

Lessons learnt

1. Infantry in  the open die easily

2. Marine firepower is their strength

I love8th edition





FOW at Challenge 2016

Decided to skip Britcon this year.

I can recommend the BHGS Challenge event. Easy to reach airy venue on the outskirts of Oxford.Good friendly atmosphere and competitive gaming. Flushed with near success at Britcon 2015 I decided to take panzer pioneers and mixed tankovy  to the mid war tournament ( the pioneers have never won a game but are cool – pity I got the list wrong). My delusions of competence soon evaporatee


Pionier deployment game 1 Hiding from 3.7in AA guns

Game 1 Fighting withdrawal   New Zealand Infantry Lost 6-1

Forgot people bring big toys to tournaments 4 3.7 in AA guns in the ground role on a ridge Gulp Assaulted on foot rode my luck against 25 per bombardment. Killed one platoon defending objective before matildas in ambush got me and my infantry died in a hail of 1s and 2s under bombardment.

He looks happy He’s got 7 Panthers


Game 2 Free for all Kursk Panthers  Lost 6-1

See above re big toys Needed a shturmovik  or artillery Got my heroic  T 70s on his objective before  my army broke in a hail of 75mm L70  fire

Game 3 Cauldron    American Paratroopers   Lost 4-3

That’s a lot of yanks


Decided to cruise on in my half tracks  and got half bailed or ko’d by howitzers and big mortars. Girded my loins and went again on foot after reducing the enemy mortars and guns. Killed  a platoon of infantry defending the objective and 3 other platoons not bad against america’s finest dug in in a town Things were looking up

Day 2

Yes like a fool I came back for more

Game 4  Breakthrough German panzers   Lost 4-3

Hiding again this time from Tiger I don’t think it’s working


I could have had this lot if they hadn’t bought a Tiger. Spent half the game hiding from the big cat Excellent shoot out between mark 4 s and 3 s on the left flanks which the matildas won  if we could have got one more mark 3 we would have been looking at a company test for the germans. In the end my last KV1 was on the enemy objective when his commander and 2 mark 3 s overran my gallant infantry in the churchyard

Game 5    Cauldron Russian Tankovy   Lost 6-1

Too many Russians to kill with my limited AT Got one company of T34 S with Hornisse and 88 fire . But my platoons had to scattered widely and the isolated depleted one got overrun by stuarts after a fierce dose of tanks fire Only one tank off maybe breaking the other t34 company so not all one way traffic

Excuses  , excuses,

The pioniers need more AT and more half tracks for the command elements and the tankovy need artillery or a shturmovik to play in competitions.

Great weekend All of my opponents were sporting friendly and fair – happy to allow rolls where phases were missed and knew the rules well I will be back next year with the pioniers.IMG_1104

Victory can do this to a man