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Bad archery

Just a quick reminder to everyone out there that the annual archery evening is taking place slightly earlier this year on Tuesday 4th June, so I would urge those of you that haven’t been before to try and come along and give it a go. Cost is only £6 for the shoot and you never know, you may end up beating Old Roger, deadeye extraordinaire.

If you fancy giving it a go please see Dene at the club with your payment as Jason won’t be at the club again before the event, alternatively see Jason at Partizan show on 19th May.


Si G

1 day game dates

Good evening everybody, I hope you’ve managed to tackle Christmas and New Year celebrations by the time you see this. As per the AGM, with regards the first 1 day game ive spoken to Carol and “booked” either the 10th or 11th February so what I need to know is have you got a preference for either the Saturday or Sunday? We will have the Tuesday room so enough room for everybody. Please let me know as soon as possible so I can let Carol know.
Happy 2018.